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About Lollipop

Lollipop Youth Theatre is a Theatre Company based in Worcester for young people aged between five and nineteen. Lollipop was founded in March 2016 by Holly Fields. Holly graduated from The University of Worcester with a BA Degree in Drama and Performance in 2015 and had always had a passion for performing. From an early age, Holly, performed with different theatre groups and took part in lots of shows. Holly realised throughout her time performing with different groups that there wasn't a theatre group for all children. That's where the ideas for Lollipop began. Why should children be told they are not allowed to be performers because of their background, disability or lack of experience! Lollipop was created allowing children from all different backgrounds take part in the magic of live theatre. 75% of Lollipop's membership are children who have a story to tell. They all have their own superpower and use performing as their way to escape the world. The motto of Lollipop is, 'Every Child Can Shine' and no matter what the child's ability, disability, experience and background  they can become whoever they want to be and Lollipop is a safe place for them. 

In 2017 after staging a few concerts, Lollipop performed their first full scale musical 'Back to the 80s' and that was the first of many. They started off with 5 members who'd meet at a servicemen's club each Saturday morning to rehearse. Now there are over 100 members and they are rehearsing at a large venue and performing up to 4 full scale musicals a year. 

Lollipop is run by volunteers, even Holly who owns and runs Lollipop is a volunteer, and is a non-for-profit company. All money raised by subs and ticket sales goes back in the pot for the next show. All fundraising and publicity events they take part in contributes towards putting the shows on. 

More recently, Lollipop has started to take part in other events within Worcestershire including Theatre Festivals, MTI Festival, Performances in London on a West End Stage, Performances at Sunshine Festival and The Worcester Show as well as having a float at The Worcester Carnival each year. 


Our first concert in 2016


Our first Birthday in 2017

Our first public performance at The Victorian Fayre

Our first Show in a Day

Our first Carnival

Our first Musical
'Back to the 80s' at Bishop Perowne



Our first Concert at Bishop Perowne

Our first Musical at The Norbury Theatre 'Oliver' 

Our new Lollipop branded T-Shirts

Our first branded T-Shirts

Our Lottery Funding

Our first Carnival Float
Best Youth Float 2022


Our first Panto 'Aladdin Trouble'

Our first time doing two Musicals in one year

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